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XT Model $9,495

The XT is our newest model designed for those that campers that want to have a simple walk-in style camper!  


The XT is our NEWEST model and unique in it's design. You told us what you wanted and we listened!


This model has a base weight

of 1000 lbs. Still lightweight

as compared to bigger campers

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If you are anything like us at Country Outbound, you will be excited about getting your first trailer. As part of our exclusive gift to you, we give you the opportunity to "christen your trailer." Think of this like the naming of a ship.

What this means is that we will work with you personally to give you a custom magnetic decal that you can place on your new trailer. It can be an actual name like you would do with a ship. I can be a family crest. I can be a logo. It's whatever you want it to be.

Think about what you want it to be. Once we get closer to the end of the build date, we will contact you and start putting thought to paper.


This comparison guide is only for the standard features for each trailer. Please see the Upgrades page for additional features you might want to add.

Lastly, see the FAQ page if you don't know what a feature means on here, and we will give you an example. We make sure to cover in detail on that page.