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5 Things You Should Do Before Camping

1) Check the Weather

While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, the weather could drastically change your weekend get away experience. For example, you could be planning on staying in a tent. If it starts to aggressively storm, it would turn the trip from tranquil to stressful and uncomfortable. We recommend that you check the weather about three days out from your trip, continuously watching for changes. If bad weather is coming, make sure you have a backup plan, such as where you will stay or where the emergency shelters are.

2) Plan Your Meals

Cooking your meals can be one of the most fun things that you can do during your trip. Know what supplies is available for you to use, and if there are any stores in the area. Some great things to keep in mind are the use of a stove/stove-top, grill, or running water. It is also important to ensure that you plan out your meals in order to have enough to last your trip. By doing this, you can worry more about relaxing and less about the little details. Our favorite things to bring are:

- Hot dogs

- Vegetables for the grill

- Bacon

- Eggs

and, of course, S'mores!

3) Create a Checklist

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination, just to find out that you forgot something! This being said, make sure that you make a thorough and all inclusive list of everything that you would like to bring. Some things that we recommend putting on the list are:

- Clothing

- Food

- Sleeping arrangements (Ex. pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.)

- First Aid Kit (See list below)

- Sun Glasses

- Sun Screen

- Water

- Map

- Any chargers that you need

Everyone's list will look a little different - figure out what you need and add it as you go! This may take a few try's before having the perfect list.

4) Know the Area

Knowing where you are and where you are going is vital to a stress-free trip. Make sure that you have a map of sorts, or have at least looked over directions, before leaving home. When researching the area, you could also look for fun activities! For example, the area you choose to camp at could offer things such as swimming and boating, whereas some do not. You might also find something new to do, like zip-lining or horse back riding!

5) Safety First!

Your camping experience should be fun, but its also important to be well-prepared for worse case scenarios. Make sure that you pack some first aid supplies. There are many places that make pre-packed first aid kits, but you can also create your own! Some important supplies to remember would be:

- Band-aids - small, medium, and large! - Gauze

- Ointment

- Instant Ice Packs

- Advil

- Benadryl

- Scissors

- Water

- Bear spray (depending on area)

- Bug Spray

- Sun Screen

- Blanket(s)

Keep in mind, your first aid kits should be made for small, easy-to-fix injuries. When you research the area, make sure that you know where the nearest hospital is for emergencies.

Camping is one of the most relaxing, peaceful things that us nature lovers can do. By keeping these five things in mind when planning your trip, you can keep the stress at a minimum and the experience at a maximum.

Happy camping!

- The Country Outbound Team

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