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4 Things to Pack for Winter Camping

Making sure that you are prepared for cold weather is essential for any trip. From getting stuck on the side of the road, to getting lost, and even just hitting bad weather while camping, not packing the proper items can have major consequences - it could even become a life and death situation. With winter weather looming, here are 4 things to pack in your car and camper, should you’re drive ever turn sour. 1. A First Aid Kit

One thing that can easily be overlooked is a properly packed first aid kit to store in your camper and/or car. This not only should include things such as band-aids and ointment, but make sure that you throw in a couple things for worse case scenarios. This can include and cordless phone charger, hand warmers, and a battery operated radio. These can ensure that, should the need arise, you’ll be able to call for help and provide some warmth until someone arrives. 2. Spare Clothes

This should include an extra set of warm shoes, gloves, a coat, etc. when winter or cold weather strikes, this could make all the difference. For example, let’s say you get stuck in the snow and try to dig your way out. Whether this works or not, your clothes will get wet and could lead to serious consequences such as hypothermia. By having spare clothes around, you’ll be able to stay dry and warm, minimizing the chance of dangerous health outcomes. 3. Blankets

Although this one might seem obvious to you, it is important to keep blankets in your vehicle or camper at all times. You never know when someone will need them, whether they're for you or someone you stumble upon. Keep a couple different blankets on hand to ensure that you can keep everyone who is with you warm and safe.

4. A Flashlight (a plus if it doubles as a radio!)

We can’t always rely on our vehicles or campers to always work without fault. This means that you may not have the option to start up your car for a weather update through the radio, or turn on the lights at night. Even if your car does start, it is always smart to conserve battery as much as you can for more serious emergencies. That being said, carrying around a flashlight/radio and spare batteries can help you to stay prepared in the worse case scenario. 

Winter is almost upon us, and while camping isn't as popular during the cold months, it is still definitely possible to do while still having fun. With the colder weather, comes a need for extra preparation. If you bring these four items along with your normal camping essentials, you should still have a fun and safe time camping in the cold.

Happy camping!

- The Country Outbound Team

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