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4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Country Outbound Camper

Country Outbound trailers are perfect for any person who loves the great outdoors. From hunting to just relaxing, this small camper could be a great choice for a broad number of people. If you need a reason to buy one, read on to see all the great things about these styles of camper!

1. It's Just So Easy To Use!

Not only do our campers require a very small amount of set up and tear down, they are also easy to put away for the winter! For example, many campers require a whole lot of work, from winterizing to simply finding the room to store them. Our campers require little to no maintenance before camping season ends, and you have to pack them away for the winter season. The dimensions for our small, easy to store camper are:

Outbound - 11.42' L x 5.25' W x 5.58' H

Outbound Extreme - 11.42' L x 5.25' W x 5.58' H

T-Rex - 11.42' L x 5.25' W x 5.58' H

On top of this, another thing that makes these campers so user friendly is that they are so lightweight. Country Outbound brand campers are easy to haul, making it so that you don't need a big truck to take it camping. Our weight bases are:

Outbound - 700 lbs.

Outbound Extreme - 800 lbs.

T-Rex - 900 lbs.

*Keep in mind that these are BASE weights/dimensions. These number may change depending on the customizations done to your trailer!

2. The Affordable Price Tag

Our trailers all have a price tag that won't break the bank. One of our main attractions is that anyone can own them. We don't want the price of a trailer to prevent someone from spending time outdoors, working on some health care. Our base prices are:

Outbound: $3,595

Outbound Extreme: $4,795

T-Rex: $8,395

This, as opposed to the $10,000 plus you could spend on a camper that you didn't design and weighs a ton, is a great deal. Keep in mind, this is only base prices without the added prices of customizations.

4. So Many Customization Options!

Another great part of the Country Outbound experience, is that you get to literally choose how your camper looks and what is included. This can make it so that you never go home unhappy with any part of the trailer, instead getting exactly what you want. We have so many choices for you to choose from!

One of our customers favorite things is the amount of customizing options we have. This includes everything from color, to having an air conditioner, and even adding a fireplace! You can also choose how much storage you have, what type of tires are on your trailer, and if you have a T V mount. This is just a few of our many options - check them all out here!

5. In-Stock Trailers

If you decide you want to skip all the extra work of choosing what goes in the trailer, you can check out what we have in stock! These are going to be your ready to go, already built campers. All you have to do is pay before you go pick one of these beauties up!

Still not sold on buying one of our campers? Check them out for yourself! You can rent one of these campers on Outdoorsy. If you you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.

Happy camping!

- The Country Outbound Team

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