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Just like our family, everyone loves the great outdoors!

Weekends at the campground were always something our family cherished! Nebraska offers so many excellent camping opportunities and as our family grew, the need for a camper became greater and greater. Luckily, we had an amazing network of friends who allowed us to take their campers out for our weekend excursions. We made so many memories on those camping trips!!! Unfortunately, as time went on, friends sold their campers, the trips became few and farther between because owning our own camper just wasn’t in the cards at the time.

Fast forward a bit and, as we found ourselves sending our kids off to college, we also found ourselves thinking “Man, we miss the camping days!!!” followed immediately by “Let’s just buy a camper!”. But, it’s not quite as simple as that. We quickly realized that our small SUV limited our (towing) options pretty significantly. However - that's when we found the amazing Little Blue Outbound Extreme Camper! This camper checked ALL of the boxes for us - it was light enough to pull behind a small SUV, it was spacious enough for our family, AND it came with the ability to travel on roads that simply wouldn't be navigable with a larger camper, allowing us to take our adventures even farther!

We enjoyed this new camper so much that it sent our entrepreneurial minds into overdrive! Knowing just how user-friendly this Little Blue Outbound Extreme Camper was, we decided to start Country Outbound in 2020 - this allowed us to rent out our camper to other families...allowing them to get just as much enjoyment out of it as we had! Since starting our company, our Little Blue Camper has been all over the United States - from Devil’s Tower in Wyoming to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and beyond!


We have also expanded our online store and now offer industry-leading Steelcore Security Straps as well as the coolest Puffin Koozies you've ever seen!!!

And, we all know that you can’t have camping without yard games! We now offer “Ultimate Ladder Ball”, which is a new take on the classic game. With a custom-built metal frame and our own unique scoring system, this yard game is perfect for your next camping trip or tailgate. We also host Ultimate Ladder Ball Tournaments which are great for both community and family gatherings. By 2023 we plan to offer even more yard games to our web store!

So what are you waiting for??? Check out our Outdoorsy page [Link] and start planning your next adventure today!

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